Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Boy

Since the pictures of Terry's "bed time" are so popular, I decided to edit highlights for.
Well, if you want to a have good sleep, hopefully these ones may be a little help. The first three photos are the latest ones.

Here are more photos from the older posts. They are all funny!!

His ordinary day 1

His ordinary day 2

Tools for Defensive

We have very dry and cold winter in Tokyo area. We don't have any rain for over 25 days. It provides flu virus propagation. In fact, the flu is rampant among people everywhere by now.
So humidifiers are the necessary tools in our area. But it's not enough for virus protection. We may have some tools(or weapon?) against virus.

What is Plasuma Cluster?
See these two site.
Plasma 1 Plasma 2

Last season I got a new humidifier that came up with Plasuma Cluster function. I think it worked. In fact, my coworker has caught flu but I didn't. We worked in the same small room together so I was under such risky situation. But I didn't get any.
So I decided to get some more air purifier in this season to make it better.
The photo above is a portable air purifier. I can bring it with me anywhere. It also has rechargeable batteries.
Besides, I got another one for my car. It can be charged in my car and can fit in the cup holders. Lately I use them everyday for such flu protection. Can it shield me from the threat?

Easy cooking #2

Here's another easy cooking.


1 Get one fresh tomato, oiled artichoke, mozzarella cheese and basil sauce.
2 Chopped them (tomato, artichoke and mozzarella cheese) as your favorite size.

3 Add basil sauce and it's READY!!
Either beer or wine can be a great partner.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

O-se-chi Dishes 2011

There was a big trouble of O-se-chi dishes that Groupon Japan have faced. Here is the site that shows the troubled contents. According to the media, there were big difference between the sample photos and what the customer has received. It supposed to be illegal under Japan law. Now this case has been under investigation.

To me it seemed very fishy smelled. If the customer would have researched other stores, they could have known it though...

Anyway I didn't have such trouble so I should say I'm lucky.
This season, we had sort of Italian (or French?) tasted O-se-chi dishes.
You can see what our family has had last season.(click here)

Now I would show you our Holiday Dishes of this year.
The photo above is from official site of Dean and Deluca.
上の写真はDean and Delucaオフィシャルサイトからです。

Here are the one I got at the shop. Compare the photo above. Absolutely same as each other. And of course the lest of other two were the same. This is what it should be!
以下の写真が購入した実物です。上の写真と比較してください。全く同じでしょう? あとの2つもサイトの写真と全く同じでした。これが当然あるべき形ですよね! They were all delicious! And they went well with French champagne we've had!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Auntie Anne's Japan

One of my favorite shop, Auntie Ann's has opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. I used to go there at LA branch but it's too far by now. I'm so glad I can have the one here in Tokyo.
お気に入りの店Auntie Ann's(Japanese language only)の支店が東京、池袋にオープンしました。ロサンゼルスでよく行っていたのですが、事情があって行かれない今は、とても遠くなってしまいました。

My recommendation is plain Pretzels and cream cheese. They are the best combinations!
But I don't know if it's available in Tokyo's one. Since there were long line of people and I gave up to get into the shop.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Terry Had a Little Lamb

Terry had a little Lamb, a little Lamb, a little Lamb
Terry had a little Lamb
It's tasty as wine....

Yep, Terry had Lamb at his Christmas dinner. Just grilled them in the oven and cooled down for about a day. I'm sure he enjoyed it.

Here are motion pictures also.
So he cleaned the plates as dish washer!?

The Price is Right

See this beforehand.

Before I would tell you the answer, just remind the main point that I meant. Remember the TV show. They ask you very difficult questions since the prizes are so gorgeous. Well, it's just like that. You guys can get such priceless kisses and hugs from these cool guys. So the question should be very hard.

So the right price is.........

$7.00!!(Yep, just 7 dollars!)

None of you get the right answer. Too bad!

Does it look much better than just $7.00?