Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fancy Toilet

I have had another house remodeling project again. I would say, the project #3. The toilet parts has done. I forgot to take a picture of its before though. It became so neat and nice. The bars on both side will be a big help when I'll get old.
I've wanted to have Washlet so far long. (Click Washlet and you may learn about it.) Lately, it has introduced in LA area also.
It was invented in Japan and we have lots more high spec models than its web site explanations for export use. Sort of like cellphone.
Anyway, I've just made it to have the one in my house!

I didn't pick up such high spec one. It was too much for me so I decided to have basic standard model instead. At their official web site, there are
lots of movies and illustrations. They are under Japanese language environment only however, you will know what I have got.
illustration 1 illustration 2
illustration 3

Here are the photos of my fancy toilet! I chosen all the interior also.

I also had a radiator heating system for the room. It's the same one as we have at the first floor one. (This toilet is on the second floor.) It may protect us from both winter coldness and heat shock.

What should I do from now on? Keep on cleaning them every time?
Oh, that's the LAST thing I would do...... whoops!