Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Remodeling project 2

工事中の台所です。汚れとかが凄いでしょ? これが劇的に変わります。どう変わったかは次回のお楽しみ(笑)
The photos below show the kitchen replacement working. It seems so ugly, don't you think? But it will be changed so nice! How much it will be? Just wait until next one.

The washstand work has done. The space on the pic is for a washing machine. The machine is replaced by now. Well, I like this wash stand since it has a large/wide bowl to use.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

House Remodeling project 1

I have my house remodeling right now. Somehow, the new bathroom work has done and I can have my relax bath time. But all the other parts are under construction still.
Today, they will bring into my new kitchen sets. It was scheduled to be done by today however, it will be expanded. Because we found that one of the parts was broken and it has to be changed. So it will be a bit delayed to be finish them all.

I forgot to take a photo of the old bathroom. So I have used the image from the web site. It shows a typical/traditional Japanese bath tab.

This is the new bathroom. It became 40 centimeters wider than before. It has three bars for helping/supporting my old parents. It also has not only heater, air duct, laundry dry system but also three different kind sauna (splash mist, 2 different kind steam sauna) system!
I had to put up with all those inconveniences for over 4 months. I used shower and sauna at a sport gym where I have a membership. Now I can have wonderful bath time!!
Generally in Japan, we take a bath in the evening and don't have shower in the morning. So as long as I followed our way, it was OK. So I didn't take shower in the morning.

Guess who used this brand new bathroom for the very first time?

It's me, of course!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What I got lately

I have introduced ETC system lately. It is like "fast pass system" in LA area. (I don't know if they have the same kind in other area in the US.)

Here's the explanation of ETC:


Fast pass (English only):

This is the parts that catches and sends the car owners info to the toll gate. Then the gate opens automatically.

The photo below is the main part of the machine. We insert "ETC card" that has owner's info and is charged the toll fee. Yes, it works as a credit card.

After I have done this system's set up at a shop, I have realized one important thing. It was when I started my car engine.

My new tool warned me,
"Insert ETC card!!"

Oh, boy! I haven't got my ETC card yet!! I have to go for it as soon as possible. Otherwise the new system doesn't mean anything.... whoops!
あらま!まだETCカードを作っていなかったんだわ~!! 出来るだけ早く作らないと、せっかくの機器が無駄になってしまいます・・・トホホ

On the other hand, I have got two free gifts.
The first deal was from a grocery store's mileage program. I got three layered stainless steel pan. The retail price was 5,000 yen. (About $50.)
I am so happy because my kitchen will be remodeled soon. So I can enjoy cooking with such nice new tool.

Then someone rang the doorbell. It was a delivery man who brought me this very nice cooking pot. I wondered why. Did I buy anything lately? No, not at all. Then what made it so??
It was from an airline company. Yes, it's also a free gift from mileage program. The retail price in Japan costs 30,000 yen. (about $300.) But it's free!
Wow, what a nice gift rush! As I told you, I'm having house remodeling. So it can be a great gifts for myself with my new kitchen.
I am soooo happy!