Saturday, May 15, 2010

Curry lunch meeting at Kagurazaka

It took so far long to upload this article though. I had Indian curry lunch meeting with my friends at Kagurazaka. I didn't have my camera so I have got them from the web sites.
Besides, I would introduce my friends' articles on their blogs. Please have a look.
Its name is "Omoi no ki". The owner is very friendly, attractive and polite person. The photo (from the web site) shows inside the restaurant. We had Dosa as our appetizer. Since it was lunch time so I picked a set menu that can have choices of three different curry. What did I have? Well, I don't remember.... whoops!
What is Dosa?

It was incredible. We all had Tandoori chicken even after the curry dish. But I could have them all. Such how they were all tasty. Especially the chicken. I haven't had such tender soft one. I don't like too spicy food but it was just enough spice for me. Absolutely perfect! I go addictive! I have noticed such high quality cooks/chefs they have there.
それはもう驚嘆の世界でした。カレーの後にもかかわらず、皆タンドリーチキンを注文しました。でも私、シッカリ食べちゃいましたよ。何しろお料理はどれもみんな美味でした。特にチキンはもう最高。こんな柔らかなのは初めてです。私はあまり刺激の強い食べ物は好みではありません。でもこれは私に丁度良い辛さで、もう完璧!病みつきになりそうです。 厨房で働くインド人シェフ達のレベルがいかに高いかを思い知らされました。

Tandoori chicken

Some of my friend have told about it on their blogs. Please have a look and you will see more photos there. (All the articles are written in Japanese language.)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Terry had a party also テリー君もパーティ参加

Just like we, the human have party, Terry had the one last November. I haven't written about him since last Halloween. Oh, it's been such a long long while! (The first photo below is from the Westie Party official site. all the other photos were taken by me.) At the party, there were almost 280 dogs gathered. Almost all of them were Westie, of course. Isn't it something?!

人間がパーティに参加するように、テリー君もパーティが昨年11月にありました。 テリー君の記事はハローウィン以来すっかりご無沙汰になってしまいましたね。(下の写真がオフィシャルサイトからの写真です。その他の写真は私が撮影しました。)この回は、全部で280頭近くのワンコが集結していまして、ほぼ全てウエスティです。すごいでしょ?

Terry could see his friend, Rice, for the first time in a year. Well, his first priority is not a friendship but food!
一年ぶりにお友達のライス君と会いました。 でも目線は、友情よりおやつ!の食いしん坊テリーがバレバレです(笑)

So as met his other friend, Max. It's been a year since they met last time. Yes, just the same as Rice. The other one next to Terry supposed to be a compatriot (born from the same parents in different time) sister of Max, if I remember correctly. Since it was so far away, I don't remember it well.
マックス君、ライス君随分と時間が経っちゃってゴメンね。また今年の秋も会えるかな? その前にドッグランで会えるといいな。