Friday, July 31, 2009

Karuizawa 軽井沢

We, me and my sister, took Terry to Karuizawa, one of famous resort area in Japan. In fact, lots of celebrities have their second houses there. Besides there are many stores that are friendly to their customer's dogs. So it is a good place to visit with Terry.
At first, we visited "Three Dog Bakery." It is originally from US. Actually I have been to the one in Long Beach many times. When I compare both of them, they are very different each other though, they are both very nice. I liked both of them. I bet Terry liked the one in Karuizawa! I wished if I could take him to US...
Anyway, the photo on the top is the entrance of the shop. The below one shows the restaurant that accept dogs. In fact they have a list of menu for dogs! We had our lunch there. Since it was a bit early for lunch, it wasn't crowded yet. Very soon it became full. It's such a popular spot.
Does it look good?

The photos show inside the restaurant. This was how Terry had his meal with us.

Look at Terry! He just focused on his food. He didn't want miss them all.
The photo below show what he have had. It's chicken meat loaf for dogs. It made by all natural ingredients, avoid any chemical materials.

These were what we, the human, have had. We had coffee also and it's included this set menu price.
After the lunch, we went to this store that I have learned from my web friend. According to her, they have lots of Westie novelty goods. I thought it is the "must have spot" to go!
To my surprise, we have been here before. But I didn't realize it at first. Since it seemed a bit different as before.
Too bad. It didn't open. So as our last visit. We want to come back again when it would be opened.
On the way back home, this is another "must have" item. It's called "kama meshi." Some of you may know "obento." This is one of them. I love it sooo much! Whenever I come to Karuizawa, I always buy this.