Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scoop!! Terry's "shocking" pics?? 犬神家の一族??

独占公開!! 「犬神家の一族」
(テリー君  衝撃←もとい!「撃の映像!!」)

「えええっ~?! 犬、いるんですか??!!」
While I have had my house remodeling, there were many people had come in and out. Over a month there were about 20 of them have got involved the constructions. But none of them recognized that there is a dog upstairs in the house. When they learned about the dog existence, all of them replied me with the same words,
"What?? Is there a dog in this house?!"

Terry doesn't know the existence of watching dogs. He doesn't bark toward anyone else even if they are strangers to him. No matter who would come to my house, he doesn't care. He rather sleeps like a log with "full open".
Generally speaking, dogs are very careful creature and are told that they don't sleep so deep. It's because the mechanism of protecting their own from the enemy.
But he goes like human being. Oh, what a dog! Incredible!

By the way, you, the ones in Japan, may know the movie "Inugamikeno Ichizoku (The Inugami family dynasty)". There was a scene of dead body that poked into the lake, only its legs appeared above the water. And the body didn't have its head. It was one of a shocking scene of that movie to me when it was published.
Hey, Terry! Are you going to play a role of parody part by your "body"? I picked up the photo from the official web site. Please compare how they look like. Especially focus on the angle of the legs!!

This headless "dead" body is "alive" since it moves its leg and snoring. How do you like his parody of the movie?
Oh well, the fact is that Terry is just sleeping with usual way.

キミは本当に犬なんだろうか? 我が家に「犬は居ぬ」なんちって~~!
The picture seems a bit dark so I taped some other shots. During all of that, he was sleeping and never recognized what I was doing.
Is Terry a real dog? Or what?

He is called "Inugamisama." It means Inugami (=the god dog )dynasty . It is sort of a joke that stands for the movie.
He sleeps with "full open" today ... just as usual.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terry's Preparation for rainy season  梅雨時のテリー君

Terry goes for a walk twice in a day even if it would be rain. So he has many raincoats as you know.
Tonight, he picked this yellow one. These days we have rainy days and nights so his outfits are not totally dry yet. Then he sniffs the one that he wore in the morning and appeals "It's not the dry one! I don't want to wear it tonight"
Oh what a spoiled dog!