Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tools for Defensive

We have very dry and cold winter in Tokyo area. We don't have any rain for over 25 days. It provides flu virus propagation. In fact, the flu is rampant among people everywhere by now.
So humidifiers are the necessary tools in our area. But it's not enough for virus protection. We may have some tools(or weapon?) against virus.

What is Plasuma Cluster?
See these two site.
Plasma 1 Plasma 2

Last season I got a new humidifier that came up with Plasuma Cluster function. I think it worked. In fact, my coworker has caught flu but I didn't. We worked in the same small room together so I was under such risky situation. But I didn't get any.
So I decided to get some more air purifier in this season to make it better.
The photo above is a portable air purifier. I can bring it with me anywhere. It also has rechargeable batteries.
Besides, I got another one for my car. It can be charged in my car and can fit in the cup holders. Lately I use them everyday for such flu protection. Can it shield me from the threat?


babbs said...

Hi Nobue, I'm glad they're working for you. I hope you stay healthy.
The articles were interesting. I'm surprised the media inthe US hasn't shown the devices. Must be were not having a flu epidemic.
Ja ney

Nobue said...

Hopefully I'm away from flu by now. I was surprised that the media didn't show Plasmacluster. They may worry about outbreak of flu epidemic?? The machine would get rid of the virus though....
The official site of US didn't tell much. Now it make sense to me.
On the other hand Canadian site tells more details. I'm wondering how the media show this.