Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bento お弁当

On September 15, it used to be the day for "respect senior people." Recently it has changed by law and it is moved around the same time as autumn equinox. At the equinox day, we would visit graveyard to remind our memories of past family members. It is like that the older people would get close to "the RIP place...."?! I don't welcome this changing of the law.
Anyway, I went to a department store to get special box lunch called "Bento". It is called "depa-chi-ka." Generally grocery section is located at the basement in almost all of department stores. "Chi-ka" means basement in Japanese language.
Our traditional way of rapping, "furoshiki" are so cute and pretty! It is already the part of enjoying dishes, don't you think?
I picked these three kind below. They all look great. The taste as well!

I enjoyed the view, atmosphere, and of course its taste! Oh what a great food, Bento, culture we have!
It was such a happy happy day I have had with my family :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First cousin? 親戚かな?

Oh boy! Don't we look alike? Are we first cousin or "third one"?

Hey, do you think we look very much alike?
Mmmm... I have no idea. Why don't we ask the other ones around us?

Hey, you guys. What is your opinion?

テリー君のお友達、デンスケくんは、柴とスピッツとウエスティのミックスなのだそうです。だから3分の1はテリー君と同じウエスティーの血を受け継いでいるんですね。やっぱり親戚!! どうりで似ているわけだ。
His name is Densuke, one of Terry's friend. He is a mix breed dog with Shiba, Spitz and Westie. So one third of his blood take Westie.
I see. Not a "third" cousin but at least they are relatives!! That's why they look very much alike.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Homemade fig jam 手作り無花果ジャムに挑戦

I got such strange container recently. Guess what would it be for?

Well, it's for making homemade jam with microwave oven.

OK, now I make homemade fig jam with these tools.
Use some fresh figs.

Cut into pieces, as big as about one centimeter dice.

Add 10 percent of total weight sugar. In this case, 100 grams of fig with 10 grams of sugar.

Then add 1 large spoon of lemon juice. This time I used lemon rhyme.

Mix them well.

Set it into the microwave oven and cook it for 5 minutes. (in case 600kw if you have higher powered one, cooking time should be shorter)

Cool it down for a while. It is very hot so be aware of burnt. When it gets cooler, remove to a container and keep it in the refuge.