Monday, December 20, 2010

Impressive moment of Mt Fuji

No need to say anything. Just enjoy such beautiful moment!
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Wishing you a very happy new year!

More glasses

I bought some crystal glassware lately. I have been looking for such kind. Then I found them at the outlet store near Costco. I found them on their official USA website (click here) but could not find them at Japanese one. Anyway I could get what I wanted. Hoooray!

Happy Holidays 2010

My Holiday break is coming around the corner! So I had some Christmas shopping. Look at this cute glass work tree. Lovely and pretty, don't you think? I liked the price too. Can you guess the price? OK, let's go for "The Price Is Right."
年末年始のお休みはもうすぐそこに! それで私もクリスマスショッピングに行きました。この可愛いガラス細工のツリーを見てください。と~ても綺麗でしょ? これのお値段もとても気に入ってます。いくらだと思いますか? じゃあプライスイズライト(米国で人気の値段を当てるテレビ番組)行ってみよ~~!!

You can say either Japanese currency or US ones. For our convenience, I would take special exchange rate; $1.00 equal to 100 yen. Write your answer at the comment box. The Prize?
Well... You can get Hugs and Kisses and Christmas Wishes from these cool guys below.

Hey, Ralph and Pug! It's your time! Give them hugs and kisses.
Oh, yeah! So how do we look like, Nobue?
You guys look soooo coool!!
ラルフ君とパグ君、出番ですよ! 正解者に愛を込めてハグとキスをしてちょうだいね。

I've heard that Christmas is sort of Fiesta in Japan and that's why they wear this Matsuri coat or kimono, right Nobue?
Oh well.... sort of. Anyway, you guys are so cute with these kimonos!

Special thanks for my best friend, Betty. She allows me to use her lovely kids' photos.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Cooking #1 Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade Sauce

Recipe #1
Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade Sauce
レシピ その1

It's quick and easy cooking. How do I make it? Here is the process. (I should not say "Recipe" though.)

1 Got a small pack of smoked duck loaf at a grocery store.
1 食料品店でスモークされた合鴨肉のパックを購入。
2 Slice the meat loaf about 0.5 centimeters wide pieces.
2 厚さ約5ミリくらいのスライスにする。
3 Put the meat in the steam case and cover them with orange marmalade.
3 切った肉をスチームケースに入れ、その上にオレンジマーマレードを乗せる。4 Cook in a microwave oven for about 1 minute. (Depends on its power, it may need more time)
4 電子レンジで約1分加熱調理する。(レンジの出力によって時間を調整してください)
5 Served with Cheddar cheese. Very easy!
5 チェダーチーズを添えて完成。超簡単で~す!
It goes well with French wine I have had recently.

My Sommelier, a Cool Guy!

Recently, I had many chances to have French wine since Bearjolais Nouveau released on the market. See the photo below. Four of them on the right were empty already but the left one yet.
So I'd like to enjoy the last one. Then I met a nice "sommelier."
このところボジョレーヌーボー解禁もあって、フランスワインを飲む日が多かったです。 右の4本は既に空き瓶ですが、左の1本はこれから。せっかくだから、美味しく飲めるよう、素敵な「ソムリエ」に出会いました。
Look at this guy! Isn't he cool?
Bonjour Monsieur.
This cool guy keeps the bottle "cool".
He surely is conscious of the dress code! Very considerable guy, don't you think?
So I could have the wine with tasty condition until the last sip.

313 Westie "Spin-Off"

Just added some more photos from 313 Westie Party at Tachikawa.
Terry has been busy for watching "his bagel."
テリー君は大事な「ベーグル」を盗まれないように見張っていました。 This hairy guy is 1 years old. According to the owner, he is charged some extra when the dog has the hair cut!

He is only 2 months old!
まだ2ヶ月の子も参加してたんです。Looking forward to see them again next year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ginger Bread House

I was planning to buy a ginger bread house at the web store but it was too late. It's sold out! Ah, I have to wait another year...
インターネットでジンジャーブレッドハウスを買おうと思っていたのですが、遅かりしでした。売り切れ・在庫無しだって! あ~あ、また1年待たないとなのかぁ・・
The photo above is from Takashimaya official site.This is the one I wanted though....