Saturday, October 31, 2009

Terry's Halloween テリー君のハロウィーン

It's Halloween day today!
So Terry got another toys. Being spoiled as usual....

This year's pumpkin is a bit funny. There is a chick inside the pumpkin. Terry liked to play with such pull out kind ones. He is really good at pulling out such stuffs.

First of all, he is begging for his new toy.

Then he hide it and keeps away from anyone else.
Nice butt, you Dudo!!

Sometimes he watches toward the entrance and make sure there are no enemies around there. (Who is the enemy by the way?)
After all, he goes back to play with it... I'd rather say "work for destroy it!"
It will be apart each pices in a few minutes or so... Oh, boy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What I got lately #2 またもや買っちゃいました

I went Shinjuku yesterday. To my surprise, the traffic was incredibly smooth and I could get there about half an hour. If it would be crowded it would take 2 hours or so. Such how we have heavy traffic in Tokyo.
Lucky me!

However I don't cook anything good lately, I bought cooking tools several times. This time I happened to find some tools that I have wanted.
Go for them!!
What I've got are the photos below. The red one is tomato peeler. It's not only for tomato. It works for either vegetables or fruits that have very thin skin. Remarkable!
Well, some of you may wondered why I need such a thing. Sometimes such kind of skins bother me. You know me if you remember my story of "I don't care potato skins."

Since I have had carpal tunnels in my hands, I can't work for peeling kind jobs so well. So this tool is very helpful for me. Besides I got some other tools too. They are cooking brush and sushi rapper. I had both of them but they have got too old. I have looked for something since I needed to have new ones anyway. Now I have very new "high tech" kind stuff. Isn't it great?

I got some cosmetics as well. These are the ones I also wanted to have. The hand cream was recommended by my friend. I liked it and I decided to get the one. The other one named Shea butter was great too. I used to use body/hand treatment prescripted by a skin doctor. It is one of the best but not easy to get unless I go to see the doctor. So I was looking for something substitute. Yes, this is it!!
I have already tried them all. I think they all worked on me very well. When you see me next time, I might look different. Very different....I hope.

I have purchased so many things in such short term. May be I have been in stressful because of so many matters happened on me at once. Am I in shopping-holic syndrome?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Guess what I got today? 買っちゃった!

I have thought of this cooking tool for a long while. Today I decided to buy! It 's a kind of big sensation in Japan recently. You put meat or fish and vegetables of whatever you like. Set them into microwave oven and cook it for only 5minutes or so.
Well, I didn't have enough time to try this new tool today. So I may cook steamed herb chicken with orange sauce tomorrow.

To my surprise, this cooking tool is the same brand as the pan holder I have got before. So cool! I like both of them!

My kitchen lately. Pretty lovely?

Here is an another tool that I have tried tonight. As Japanese words on the package said that it can cook fish with microwave oven, as good as regular oven! I think it's more than regular one. The best part is; very easy to clean it up when you've done.

This is how it goes. It doesn't seem as microwave oven way of cooking, don't you think?