Thursday, July 29, 2010

Terry's smile

Terry likes to eat out. We have such kind of restaurant. I mean, dogs and human can have meals at the same table. It is called "a dog cafe" and it's in everywhere. I should say, it's such hot spots to visit.
The photo show the one in Karuizawa.
Look at Terry's smile!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Terry's Birthday

July 15 was Terry's 5th birthday. This year he had oven grilled lamb chops (and cooled it down, of course) instead of birthday cake. Why no cake? Simply because we didn't have a time to buy it.
He liked them all. The photo above shows him "chewing" lamb bone.

Here are photos of Terry in his youth.

The first one is wearing judo jacket. He even has a black belt!? And with this photo, he passed through the audition of doggy fashion show. Yes, he walked through "cat walk" as a model!!
最初は柔道着姿です。しかも黒帯ですよ !? そしてこの写真でワンコファッションショーに応募し審査を通過しました。モデルとしてステージに立ち「キャットワーク」も歩きましたよ!

The second one shows that he experienced walking on snow for the first time in his life. He wore a shirt under the raincoat for coldness protection.

The third one is wearing a life jacket. He is ready for summer! I got it for him from suburbs of San Francisco. (spoiled dog!) Click here to see him in the doggy swimming pool! There are some motion pics also.

What is he doing now? He is sleeping under the cool breeze (from the air conditioning)... spoiled dog!
How does he look like? Just click this:click here
で、彼は今何をしているか? というと・・涼風のエアコンが聞いたお部屋で寝ているんですね。極楽トンボですから!
どんな姿をしているかって? まあ、こちらをご覧下さい。ここです。