Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Cooking #1 Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade Sauce

Recipe #1
Smoked Duck with Orange Marmalade Sauce
レシピ その1

It's quick and easy cooking. How do I make it? Here is the process. (I should not say "Recipe" though.)

1 Got a small pack of smoked duck loaf at a grocery store.
1 食料品店でスモークされた合鴨肉のパックを購入。
2 Slice the meat loaf about 0.5 centimeters wide pieces.
2 厚さ約5ミリくらいのスライスにする。
3 Put the meat in the steam case and cover them with orange marmalade.
3 切った肉をスチームケースに入れ、その上にオレンジマーマレードを乗せる。4 Cook in a microwave oven for about 1 minute. (Depends on its power, it may need more time)
4 電子レンジで約1分加熱調理する。(レンジの出力によって時間を調整してください)
5 Served with Cheddar cheese. Very easy!
5 チェダーチーズを添えて完成。超簡単で~す!
It goes well with French wine I have had recently.

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