Monday, August 9, 2010

Splash, Terry!! 2010

It's time for Terry to go swimming! So just the same as last year, we went the pooch's swimming pool in Moroyama.

He enjoys there. Amazingly, there weren't anyone else except us. I think it was the weekend of Obon season. People would go on their vacation already. So the swimming pool was like private one for Terry!

While we were taking a break, Terry did strange action. I guess that he couldn't wait and demanded to go for swim. See his funny action!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

His Ordinary Day

It's just his ordinary day.
He takes a walk.
When he comes back home, washing the paws and .....
drying them all.

Oh well, I would take a nap.
So let it go....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watching Fireworks Fiesta from my house

July 31 (yesterday) was Sumida-gawa firework festival day. I had planed to be there but I couldn't make it. I have very bad knee pains and could not walk normally. Of course I'm having medical treatment though. I had to give up to go there. I felt sad.
(The photo on the right is from official web site)

So I was going to watch it on TV since they have special program that night. Soon after I turned it on, I heard something explosive devices from outside my house. I looked through the window and saw a fireworks over there!
I grabbed my camera and went upstairs, went out on the balcony.
Wow! I can see them even from my house!
This was not Sumidagawa's one but Tachikawa Fiesta one. They held such fiesta everywhere in the same day. I even could see other ones that launched at SEibu-enn. So I won't complaint.

Anyway it was so hot that night. I quenched my thirst by this fancy stuff.
まあ、とにかく喉の渇きをこんな物で癒やしました。Instead of Yebisu, I had Harida (Vietnam) beer. Also ebi-senn, my favorite snack. Yummy night!
(It went much less foam since it took long while to take photos anyway.)