Friday, November 4, 2016

Matsukawa Canyon And Togakushi Shrine

After we enjoyed Obuse stay, we were heading to Matsukawa Canyon. I saw beautiful autumn colors on the way but I couldn't take any photos of them.
So I use the photo below from the internet.

You see falls over there. My tour mates went down to see the fall from reverse side. It rather be tough thing to me so I didn't go with them.

While I was waiting for my tour mates return, I took some photos and enjoyed beautiful autumn yellow on the mountains.

The next spot is Togakushi Shrine.

This building id called Chu-sha. There are many segments of buildings. This one is sort of main one. Anyway, I prayed for it to receive divine grace.

It is told that you may receive divine grace of fortune here. So I got a lucky charm and hoped to get big amount of fortune. Can I make it? I do hope so.

From Torii gate toward parking lot. You can see water fountain on your right.

You can drink water here free. Well, it was very cold that day and water was also very cold.

There is a sacred tree in the precinct. They believe that there is the Holy Spirit lives in the tree. I just wished something good would happen on me.

We went back to where we had come, this beautiful yellow path. Then we were heading to Hakuba where we have stayed that night.

At Happou Hakuba, we stayed the hotel named Mominoki Hotel. There were no photos of them though. I really liked their open-aired bath. It was very comfortable. The photo below is from the hotel's official site.
Their hospitality is high quality one. They have buffet style dining. It rather be inconvenience for me since I have a problem on my legs. They kindly brought me a cart so I could get away from any trouble. What a great hospitality! I do appreciate the stuff's thoughtfulness.

To be continued.

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