Saturday, September 4, 2010

Experience of Subaru Legacy "Eyesight"

I went through this brand new security system of Subaru Legacy "EyeSight"(click it) today. It was marvelous miracles what modern technology could do!! Amazing! I have known it by their commercials though. The real experience made me a shock!
There are some motion pictures with explanations also. It goes in Japanese language only but you can understand it by the pictures.
Legacy "EyeSight" motion pictures

The system is not only stop the vehicles but also it can chase after other car in front of it. We should call it as a new auto cruise system. It was another surprise to me also.

Here are photos that I took at the car. It couldn't show them so clear since it's my cellphone camera. Too bad!

It reminded me of American popular TV series called "KITT of Knight Rider". It was totally fiction in those days. But it is the REAL thing in contemporary Japan! Surprise! Surprise!!

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