Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lake Kawaguchi, August 2010

We went to Lake Kawaguchi in mid August. That day, I was worried about the aftereffect of typhoon on the way to go. Fortunately there weren't any of it except rainy weather. We even enjoyed sunshine after we had lunch there.
At lunch time, auntie Nobue and Terry's Mama had pizza and spaghetti but thy don't have particular menu for dogs. So Terry had the own one that we brought with.
You can see a view of Lake Kawaguchi through the window by Terry's seat. The restaurant's name is Old Friends.
The appearance of the restaurant. It also has small leash free dog park by the building so Terry played there a bit.
Terry looks for his play mates. Anybody is coming? He could played with a couple of buddies after all.
ミニドッグランで。お友達が来ないか覗いているテリー君です(笑) 。このあと2~3のお友達が来て遊ぶことが出来ました。

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