Monday, February 6, 2017

Stockholders' Meeting #1 Daiba

I have participated the stockholders' meeting for the first time in my life. This company held the meeting at the hotel in Daiba. This hotel has changed the name several times though, I know this place well. Since I've been there many times.
Well, in the meeting, roughly estimate that there were more than 4,000 people at least. This company has listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange so it makes sense in such big crowd.
さて、この日集まった株主は、ざっと見ても間違いなく 4,000人以上はいました。この会社は東証1部上場ですから、総会も規模が大きいのでしょうね。

Tokyo Stock Exchange mainly has four sections as below. I don't know much of them though. I know I need to study more. I'm a beginner of a stockholder anyway.

First Section
Second Section
JASDAQ (sort of like NASDAQ in USA)

Anyway, I felt hungry after the meeting. Since it was lunch time so I had the one at the hotel. I had fried rice with meat on top. This one has beef steak on it. It tasted not bad.




I took my seat by the window so I could see water fountain. This restaurant is a memorial place for Joe and me. I just lost myself in those memories.

Anyway, it is our traditional way that they gave stockholders a souvenir. I got this cookie assort in a box. According to them, they ordered these cookies from non-profit organization that supports the disaster area of Kumamoto. Considering such large number of people at the meeting, I think it may be some help for.
After I got home, I enjoyed the cookies and really hoped it could be a help for them.

Oops, I almost forget about it. There is a famous statue stands right next to the hotel.

It's Gundam. As a matter of fact, I don't know much about it. But I have seen the statue whenever I took a ride of Yurikamome line. So I really wanted to take some photos.

It is named "Diver City Tokyo." I didn't entered the building this time. I'm planning to go inside next time and will have tour around there.

To be continued

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