Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stockholders' Meeting #2 Yokohama

After the stockholders' meeting in Daiba, I have participated another company's meeting in Yokohama.
When I thought of transportation to get there with incredible rush hour in the morning, I dwcidwd to go there by train ride. It might be crowded also. So I have left home earlier. Soon after I got to Yokohama, I know I need to fill in energy for me.
The photo below is what I have had at the cafe of the hotel. Now I'm ready for the meeting.

This company has listed the Second Part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Compare my previous meeting, it is much smaller scale. In fact, there were about 70 people at the meeting.
They have IT related business and the members of stockholders were very different from the one in Daiba.
The majority stratum in Daiba was wealthy retired men (rich gray-haired gentlemen?). This Yokohama one has wide range of generations, mostly business men with business-suit.
I enjoyed myself with participating the meeting since I could learn things that are unknown fields for me. This event rather be like school excursion to me.
Well, the souvenir was this large bag.

Actually, I was planning to go Chinatown Yokohama. But the bag was so heavy to carry around. I gave up a tour to Chinatown and got on the train, straight back home.
At that time, it was Chinese New Year so I'm sure they have held the cerebration events. I wished I could go.... Too bad.

Anyway, I got this large box of cookie assort that was made by my favorite store, La Maree De Chaya. I should not complaint for.

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