Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chiba Tour #1 Umi-hotal again

I joined a group tour and was heading to Chiba. I've been there by myself many times so you may puzzled why. I wanted to know the exact location of Nou-mizo Falls.
Anyway, we had a break at Umi-hotal but....

It was rugh stomy rainy day! We could not enjoy the views from there.

I even could not stay outside. So I had to give up such view below.

It has got rough weather with a gale blowing.
Umi-hotal would be impassable when it becomes velocity of 20 meters per second or more. It was 19. Almost closing!! The wind was strong enough to swing the body of our tour bus.
I was so scared! The bus driver drove slowly and mentioned that he kept safe driving.
Somehow we could make it. But we could not see anything at Mt Kano. I was almost "Gone with the wind" and was not able to take any photos.
What will happen next?
To be continued.

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