Monday, October 3, 2011

Spider Lily (Higannbana) 2011

It's time for Spider lilies (Higannbana), the sign of autumn.
This season the flower bloomed a bit delayed, about a week behind as the average year though. It is still around Autumn equinox (Higann) so I should say it is punctual.

I had a chance to visit Kinchakuda again and got some photos. The first one below is at the entrance of it. There were lots of people and such pretty cosmoses.

Now I go inside. It used to be admission free. Later on, we are charged 200 yen per person. In other words, we pay for preserving and maintenance of the area. I think it makes sense.

The Spider lily festival is extended until October 10.
So you would like to see them? Hurry!!

I found a nice restaurant there also. I will tell you about it soon.

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