Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terry's Vacation in Lake Yamanaka 2011 summer #2

This is Terry's second visit of the Lake area.
This time we had lunch at Dino Diner. But poor Terry had to bring his own lunch.
今回はディノダイナー で昼食をとりました。でも可哀相なテリー君はお弁当持参です。

The photo below shows a cute dog named 夢宇(pronounce as Moo).
There is a stage for a live show at night.

Then we went to Koshiji (Japanese language only) and got some house made sausages.
I found this place by a chance. It was the time I was heading to Caro Foresta, I lost the way. Then I recognized this place and got some sausages. They tasted so good!
They accept dogs at the front porch so we'd like to come back and will have lunch there.
The photo below shows what I've got there.
On the front left: Pork ham with pie crust wrapping.
On the back left: House made sausage with pine seeds.
On the back right: House made pork ham.
Pork ham with pie crust wrapping reminded me of an American dish named "Beef Wellington" and those days memories of Christmas. My friend cooked it. Ah, I haven't had it for a long while.
Anyway, I enjoyed these house made stuffs a lot at night.
In fact, I got them again on our third visit.

Paper Moon is the one I have wanted to go for. They accept dogs at front porch area. Cakes tasted great and I want to come again sometime soon.

Look at Terry's face. He smiles. I'm sure he had fun time there.

I also stopped by World Teddy Bear Museum. I wanted to buy something there but it was sold out. Too bad! I may come again.
Oh well, Terry has got into the museum once before.

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