Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanks for all of you!

I received lots of my birthday greetings from my friends.
Thanks again all you guys.
Why don't you share a piece? : )
ケーキ、召し上がりませんか? (^_^)


bbabbs6275 said...

Hi Nobue, that cake looks very delicious. Is it banana? spice? The frosting looks yummy.
Glad you had a good birthday with yous sis and Dad. Ja ney.

Nobue said...

It's plain vanilla that I ordered at a shop. I didn't bake. I really wished if we could live closer. Then I can bring a "real" piece to you. Dad liked both cake and dinner at all. I ordered bento box for us. Since it's my day so "my kitchen" was closed! :)