Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something Incredible

On May 2, someone rang my house doorbell.
To my surprise, it was a policeman. Yes, a real detective officer! According to him, there was a robbery case happened in my neighbour so he was waking around and getting information about the crime. Since it happened at midnight so I could not be any help.

This is an image from a web site.

This is the first time I've seen a real ID of the officer. It was like a movie.... I should say, movies copied it anyway.
So I told about it to my best friend by on-line chat. Then she mentioned another big news. It was about 11:45 in Tokyo time, she said a news flash of "Osama Bin Laden was killed." At that time we didn't have much details. Now it became such a big one and runs around the world.
Ah, what a incredible surprise day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nobue, saw you were on fb this morning. Missed saying hi to you. Should have IM'ed instead of going to fb. By the time, I closed out one site and went to fb you were in bed!
Hope you had a nice federal holiday.
Going to go for a haircut. The Di and I are going to play cards with Deb Stutz and her Mom.
Chrissyham is back from her vacation. She got ill while there. Went to ER for a saline drip and antibiotics. Said she wasn't feeling well when I talkedto her last night.
Hope all is well with you. Ja ney

Nobue said...

Too bad! I should have stayed FB a bit longer. The weather here aren't good enough. Beside raining, yellow sand storm that was from China has been bothered us.I had my car wash though, it became yellow in following day!
Sorry to know about Chrissyham. Went to ER?! Oh, boy! What was wrong with? I'll ask you more at FB later. Tell her to take really good care and get well soon.
Enjoy your card game and hope you'll win over. Ja ney!