Monday, May 23, 2011

Double roasted lamb

I got some roast lamb at a store. It was ready to eat however, I made it roast again. Why? There was a food poisoning at a "yaki-niku (Japanese style BBQ) restaurant" lately and I was a bit scared by meat color. It seemed as if fresh raw kind. So I cooked again for sureness.
ローストラムを買いました。すぐに食べられる状態に調理済みでしたが、もう一度焼きました。何故かって? 最近焼き肉レストランで食中毒事件が起き、肉の色を見たらチョット怖くなってたんですね。だって生っぽいんだもの。そんなわけで念のため再加熱です。

I mixed up the photos by my mistake. So I rewrite from this part below. I had this Bordeax with the roast lamb. I like this casual one.
I had a chance to join a lecture that was organized by Japan sommelier association. The chairman, in those days, Mr Takahashi introduced us many details about wine.
Until then, I thought that Bordeax supposed to be something classy. It wasn't true. In fact, this one that he recommended for daily use goes well with many kinds of dishes.  
After all I have had the ones more often than before. 
I don't know much about wine, however, this experience was so useful for me. 
ワインの写真を間違えてしまったので、この部分以下を書き直しました。 ラムに合わせたのはこのボルドーワインでした。このカジュアルワイン気に入っています。

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