Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tour to Costco?!

Recently Costco becomes so popular in Japan. In fact, they have featured "How to shop at Costco" on some magazines. The TV show as well.
Look at the photos below. It is the magazine that featured the cover story for 13 pages long. Isn't it something?!

At the weekend of mid October, I gave my coworkers a tour to Costco. The beginning was our chatting at the work. They said about the popularity of the store and waned to go there. But they don't have membership card. Well, I do! Why don't we go together? Why not!!
So we went there together.
10月中旬の週末、私は職場の同僚達を案内してCostcoツアーに行きました。事の始まりは、職場で同僚達との間で話題に上ったからです。近頃人気があるこの場所に是非とも行ってみたいという事になって、でも会員証がないという。私、持ってますよ! じゃあ一緒に行きましょうと話がまとまり、ツアーと言うことになったのでした。

At the store, we were all busy so I couldn't take any photos at all. We bought a lot. Shop till we drop? Nope!
According to them, they didn't take much of what they wanted. Why? Because they came there by a train ride. So they have to carry such amount by themselves. They had to give up many of so to called heavy loads. I gave them a ride to the train station though, I can't go all the way.

The photos below show the one in California. This is where I used to go. It may remind you how I went shopping there.

2 comments: said...

Interesting, I just went to CostCo today. Bought food and basic supplies - nothing large - yet still spent over $500. Definitely needed a car to get it all home.

Nobue said...

It was interesting to me also. To me, I can't go there without a car. I saw lots of people use the store deliver service. It's not free delivery though. Seemed like they don't care charging fee.
Besides I have spent about 3o,ooo yen (over $300) in total includes my coworkers' ones.
Then I thought, if they would go for all they wanted, how much would it be??