Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

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I had sample piece of pumpkin pie at Costco in Japan. It was the first time in several years to have it. Its taste reminded me of my all those days memories in USA...
Anyway, it was nice that I could have it at the store here in Japan since I have left there.
Actually, I have had some opportunity of having the pie in Japan after I've left US. Where? Well, there was a restaurant named AnnaMiller's in Tokyo that provided us the pies, however, they have had retrenchment. There are only 2 stores available by now so I can't get the pie as I used to be anymore. I have been missing such pies one since then.
実のところ、アメリカを去ってから日本でも何度かこのパイを食べたことはありました。何処で? 東京にあるアンナミラーズというレストランチェーンで、食べることが出来たのですが、店舗が縮小されてしまいました。今では2店舗しか営業していないので、以前のようにパイを食べに行く事はもう出来ません。だからとてもこの味が恋しかったのです。

In USA, pumpkin pie is very common stuff for Halloween. Besides, there is another popular one that I've also been missing. What is Pecan pie.
Ah, I'm missing this one too. Am I greedy? I wish that Costco may have this pie for free sample when I go there next time. Can I make it? I do hope so...

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