Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Belated birthday for myself

It was my birthday last week. I couldn't do anything much since I was so busy. But I received gifts, messages and even an international birthday call.
How sweet they are! They made me lots of smiles.
Thanks my buddies!

On this week, I went to a store to get a birthday gift for myself! See the photo on the right. (It's from the official site of the maker, Thermos.) I have been thinking of it and I got it at last! This is a coffee maker. Generally it has a glass pot, however, it comes up with "Thermos", a flask bottle!! It keeps coffee warm for a while so it would be useful for winter season.

あ!! 肝心の豆が無かったんだぁ~! 今日買ってこなくっちゃ。
Now I would try my new tool...
Oh no!! I don't have any coffee bean for it! I have to get some today.

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