Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Yamanaka & Mt Fuji #2

Part 2  Late September
その2  9月下旬

It wasn't fine weather that day. At first we were not sure if we would go for it or not. It seemed unstable condition in the sky. In case of rain, it would be hard for both Terry and us to play outside.
But it's far away from Tokyo so we had a slight hope for fine weather there. So we decided to go for.

Then we visited K's Point again. But we couldn't see Keith this time. He and his Mama had the day off. Too bad!
While we were having our lunch, I looked up on a book I brought with. It told about indoor leash-free dog park near there. I noted the phone number for I would call them and ask the details later lunch.
To my surprise, it was very close each other!
そして再びあのK's Pointを訪れましたが、キース君には会えませんでした。彼とキースママは休暇をとっていたのです。残念!
So we headed to "Woof" that has both doggy swimming pool and leash-free ones park. This time we played at the indoor park since it began raining hard by then. Besides we didn't take swimming gear for Terry.
The photo above shows indoor leash-free dog park. I bet it used to be a tennis court. Then they turned it into the park for dogs. Isn't it nice?

It has seats for audiences. I guess they have had tennis tournaments in those days. You can see the park outside through the window. It may used to be for lawn tennis court.

It doesn't matter to Terry at all. he just wanted to play around, running around!
He got many playmates also.
On that day,our arrival crossed with Reiko family's departure. It was just a few hour difference. I should have been there much earlier... if I have known it. Next time!


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