Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tour to Hakone Area #1 Pink Curry

I wanted to have pink curry but I couldn't make it last time.
Since then, due to eruption of Owakudani area, it has been out-of-bounds that area.
This restaurant locates by Lake Ashino so I could go but I didn't want to go.
Recently, they decontroled the restriction so I went to Owakudani.

The photo above is the pink curry I use from internet. Why I borrow the picture?
Because the pink curry is not available any more. I wish I could have the one....
So I had their recommended of the day instead. Two of the photos below are what I have had there.

It locates by Lake Ashino of Hakone Prince Hotel. At the lake, they have boat cursing and you can enjoy the view of the lake.

But I had another plan. So I was heading to Owakudani.

To be continued

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