Monday, December 19, 2016


I  went to Shirakawago village that was registered UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. This place is known to Gassho-tukuri (prayer hands construction style roof) houses.

I joined a tour and our tour buss parked the other side of the river. So we had to pass across this thin narrow bridge. It swings when I walked through. Very thrilling walk anyway.

They renew the roof once in several years. It all goes by human's hands so they always help each other. It reminds me of Amish people in USA.

I liked a view of the house with persimmons.

I found a fish in watercourse. It may be a rainbow trout, I guess.

Early winter scenery caught my eyes.

According to the tour guide, there is an event of spraying water on the houses that protect from parched roof. Since the roof is made from straw so they have to be cautious for fire.

After I looked around the village, I had Japanese style tea break with traditional sweets.

Then we were heading to our next view spots. That night we stayed Toyama city. We were scheduled to have photo session of sunrise before 5:00am next morning. Can I make it to wake up such early time?

To be continued

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