Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karuizawa 2013 #1 Tetsudou-bunkamura Train Museum

It's been incredible hot this summer so I didn't want to go out. Now it gets very nice weather so we decided to go to Karuizawa. On the way there, we have stopped by the place I wanted to be. Tetsudou Bunkamura Train Museum in Yokokawa.

Terry can go into. Admission free!

There are many trains displayed. I think this is the perfect spot for train buffs. Unfortunately I don't know much about it though.

I'm not a train buff though, I think they are very beautiful and attractive.

The ground is very wide.

The miniature steam locomotive can be a ride for people. It use coals for motive power. The machine is very well made and works precisely.

There is a diorama that demonstrates how the train runs. There are some train simulation experiences available. It's the simulator that you can have experience in reality like a flight simulator.
If you want to drive the real one, there is the way. You need to take a course study first. Then you can drive the model #EF63 for 30 minutes ride, 400 meters long. It supposed to be a great fun for the buffs. Too bad, I'm not such kind.

They also display this.

We were heading to the next spot. Terry was a bit tired of these stuffs and he was fussing while we went through the ridge of Usui Pass. When we got to the restaurant, he became a "well-behaved hi-society dog." Sounds pretty normal to him.
To be continured

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