Friday, September 27, 2013

My Toenail Problem cleared

I have got a new toenail place where my FB friend, Reiko's recommendation.
Of course, I have taken care of my toenails though. It got worse the other day and had to see a medical doctor..... then bleed!! (that was a part of medical treatment though, sooo painful!!!!!)
So I was looking for somewhere nice.
Her recommendation was perfect.
I do appreciate Reiko's help. Thanks.

This time I choose restrained color. I have tapes on my nails that is for my ingrowing toenail problem though. It rather seems natural, doesn't it?

This is my lunch that day.
I wanted to have some coffee at "Sega Fred" but it was so crowded. I gave up my coffee then.
本当はSega Fredの珈琲が飲みたかったけれど、すごく混んでたので諦めました。

After my toenail do, I could walk much longer. So I stopped by at Ebisu area. The photo below shows Joel Robuchon's restaurant. He is a French cook that won three star award of Michelin Guide. I want to eat out there someday. Behind the restaurant building, there is Westin Hotel. I have stayed there once (and it was a free invitation!!). It was nice one.

The photo below shows "Beer Station" building.

This spot is something special to me. The place I'm standing at used to be under a railroad bridge. There used to be a guy lived (so to called homeless?). I saw the guy wherever I passed through here by train. Time passed by and it has cleaned and turned into a new landmark, Ebisu Garden Place. I still can't believe that it used to be a place of beer factory.

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