Sunday, November 21, 2010

American cuisine Fiesta

As I had an on-line chat with my best friend, I told her that it was the time to be ready for fresh baked ones at my favorite bakery. I noticed her I would be heading to. She asked me to get some donuts for her.
"Hey, what do you want? Sugar glazed?", I asked.
"Chocolate one, of course!", she replied.
So I told her I might send some pics by email or so.
「何にする? シュガーグレイズ?」と、私。
「そりゃあもう、チョコレートよ!」 と彼女の返事。

Too bad! Donuts were sold out. All of them! I took a photo of it from the ad instead. They have had American cuisine fiesta (but it's called America Fair).
The most funny part is their idea of American food. Everything is huge! Hamburger, hot dog, Pizza... They are all bigger than regular size of the shop.
Later, I saw the donuts. It is two times bigger than "Original glazed" of Krispy Kreme.
完売だ~! そこで代わりに広告から写真を撮りました。お店では丁度アメリカンフェァーをやってました。傑作なのは、何がアメリカンって、ハンバーガー、ホットドッグやピザなど全てデカイ! 店で販売している通常サイズよりずっと大きいんです。後になってドーナツを見ましたけれど、クリスピークリームのオリジナルグレーズの2倍はありました。

The photo on the right shows what I have had on that day. Regular size hamburger, maple toast, and fried potatoes. They didn't have what I wanted though. May be it caused from the Fiesta.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nobue, the food looked delicious. Made a pumpkin roll for Sue's Aunt Grace's birthday. Looked big when I made it. She's a tiny woman. But, she said she would eat it. And might share it with visitors.
Glad to see you had some American food.
Ja ney

Nobue said...

Anonymous(I know who UR!)
Yep, they were delicious. How does pumpkin roll looked like? Is it like Danish pastry? So you made it as "American size." Ha, ha!
I think Grace would like to share it with someone else and may enjoy their talking with. Sounds great, don't you think?
Oh I had "little bit" shopping lately. It will come up on my blog soon. Ja ney.