Friday, May 1, 2009

House Remodeling project 3

I have taken many photos for my father every time. Since he has been in the hospital and wanted to know how the remodeling work was going. Now all the construction have done and he learned how much it has changed. He looked happy also.

It shows the kitchen under the construction. The photo on the left shows the old kitchen sink.
It has used over 30 years and got so dirty and ugly.
The floor storage was replaced since it got so old and partly broken. I had to get a new one for safeness. There were just a hole on the floor so it was covered by a plate for security reason.

It shows after the construction.

It is a new floor storage. I also got a new floor. Then I don't hear the sounds (something like cracking) any more! So I have to keep it clean... not like it used to be.
Can I make it? Well..... worry.. worry...
Does anyone come to Japan as a house maid? If you would, I'd love to pay for it! :-)

I got dishwasher too! It is not a common thing in Japan yet. I think that America is far ahead of it. In fact almost all of my friends in USA have dishwashers in their house. I have learned how useful it is while my stay there. I have planned to have it when I would remodel my kitchen. Then I made it.
I picked up the maximum one for my kitchen size. It is still a smaller one than my friends' though. It had many hi-technique functions instead. It cares not only dished but many cooking tools. It surely make me easy.

I picked a foldable shelf also. It is very useful for such small house in Japan. When I don't use it, It can be hide under the shelf. Yes, I really like it!

Pull down shelf in the upper cabinet. This is also useful. The old ones were too high for me to reach the stuffs. So things had been there for over some decades. I think it is the waste. I don't want to have such dead stock at my kitchen. So I have decided to have this function from the beginning.

Cooking tools can be store in such place, under the sink. This is exclusive of this brand. It was on TV commercial many times. I thought it was nice. Yes, it was true. But some of my tools are too long for the room. Too bad! I'm thinking of some other substitute way.

Behind the storage above, there are stock room called "double stocker". I put pans and bowls in it. There is another drawer under this. It also can hold lots of pans and so.
Well, there are lots more rooms to keep tools than before. Now I don't have any excuse of "No rooms! So I can't make it clean!"
How can I say from now on?

Flexible and expandable tap with shower. This is also the one I wanted to have.
Then I HAVE TO keep it clean...
Mmmmm, I don't know if I can make it.

It's for filtered water. It may make water tasty. About 20 years ago, we have had heating system and can get warm water from a tap. But our mother complained a lot. According to her, the water tasted so bad because of the heating system. In those days, such filtered water system wasn't available. So we had to give up the heating system at that time. So this time, to avoid such complaint, we decided to have filtered water system.

A small plate that can hold some stuffs shortly. I used it at my friends' house in USA. I liked it since then. It was "must have" one for me also.

Three heaters are big enough for Japanese small house. In my house, it used to be two heaters. It became much more than before at least. It may be incredible to my American friends'. Since they usually have for of it anyway.

I wanted to have a gas oven for over 30 years. When we moved to this house 33 years ago, I asked my mother to have the one. We have build a new house so we could make it if we would. But my mother rejected it.
Now, finally I can make it for the first time in more than 30 years! Then I picked the most modern hi-technique one. It has multiple function of both gas and microwave oven. It can be both at a time or can be separate.
Accidentally, its color can get along with the refgelator. I didn't plan it . I guess it's just because the material was the same, stainless steel.

My new kitchen. It looks mucho nicer than before, don't you think?


PeterD said...

Very nice!

Nobue said...

I really like my new kitchen. It was such a big job of both kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Now I have got a comfy life than ever!