Monday, June 12, 2017

Shirley Poppy Farm

I've visited Shirley Poppy farm in Minano (Chichibu area) called "Tenku-no-poppy (Shirley Poppy.)"
There is rough way to reach the place so people think that the large sized buses can't access there. I think it's true. There are so many hairpin bends, steep slopes and cliffs. Yes, it's thrilling adventuresome way, perfect situation for my SUV (sport universal vehicle) anyway.

They plant poppies on the ground that used to be ranch. The farm looked magnificent that covered with colorful poppies.

It's worth to see with all those toughness, I think.

The land slant to right or left anyway. So I can't walk around the farm so far.

Red is main color however, there is such lovely pink one also.

It was bit windy so it rather be hard to take photos though. Somehow I could make it.

If it would be fine weather, you'll be able to see the color contrast of red flowers  and bule sky. Too bad it wasn't. Still it was so pretty.

After I took many photos, I went back through all those rough roads, not to fall over any precipices (of course!). I got home safe and feel at ease by now.

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