Sunday, May 6, 2012

My New Toy

I bought a new tool a few months ago.
Guess what?

It is like camera though...
It's my new cell phone. It is very smart though, it's not i-phone.
As many of you knew that our cell phone have already featured i-phone kind functions before it has come. The best part of it is easy to use.
i-phone (so to called smart phone) has too much and rather be complicated.
I tried some of smart phone at the shop.
In conclusion it's not for me! So I got this (it's not i-phone kind).
Twist the screen part and it goes into....
It works as camera screen. The release button is on the top right square. Just touch it and you can take a picture.
Or focus on someone's face. When the person smiles, it release the shutter automatically. They call it "smile shutter."


babbs said...

Hi Nobue, your phone looks like Di's exlim.
Is Terry smiling all the time? Lots of photos of him?
How's your Dad? You?
Myrt's on her trip to Italy.
Ja ney

Nobue said...

So Di has something like this? I don't know about exlim. Is it Japanese maker?
I took lots of Terry's photos the night I got my new phone. You know me, ha, ha!! Dad is doing fine, just the same as usual. I straight had 5days holiday this week. I didn't do anything much. Just relaxing myself. Myrt went to Italy? Sounds great.
How about you? Brenda? Ja ney!