Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get cool breeze at Oku-Tama area

It's been hot days still. I had some mint water and went somewhere to get cool breeze.  It wasn't enough. So I tried to get more breeze.
Then where do I go for? Oku-Tama area may be the one!
どこにしようか? 涼しいだろう奥多摩にしよう!

There is a famous store that has へそ饅頭(pronounce as hee-so-man-ju). It's one of Japanese traditional sweets and was served for the political meeting at
日の出山荘 (pronounce as hinode-san-sow).
It was accomplished by Ronald W Reagan (was the 40th President of the United States ) and Yasuhiro Nakasone (is former Prime Minister of Japan.) One of the historical meeting in those days.

Anyway I got some hot fresh ones to take back home.
It's been so hot in Tokyo still.

Is there any good idea to make it chillier?

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