Sunday, April 10, 2011

Battery Charging Under the Sun!

It was fine clear day so I put these tools under the sun. I had 3 searchlights but 2 of them had broken down while we had cut backs. But it's hard to get new ones at a store now. So I got them from USA by mail order.

Since we have Fukushima power plant problem, we face to cut back frequently. But their initial action made people in panic. Why? Because they announced about "the cut back" in a last minute!
何故パニックか? それはこの無計画な停電計画を実施直前に発表したからです。
It was absolutely "last minute" matter. In fact we have learned about the cut back the night before but we were not sure which area would would start first.
They said they divided the area into some groups but none of us knew which group we would belong to. How come we could know?

The only info they have given to us was a phone number and web site. Neither of them could work. They didn't think of localized torrential access phenomenon.
What kind of fool are they?
東電の電話番号1つとサイトアドレスのみが記されているだけで、私も情報を得ようとアクセスを試みましたが、全く繋がりませんでした。アクセスが集中・殺到することを考えなかったのでしょうか? 愚かにも程がありますね。

We had no time to prepare for. That's how people have cornered the market in substitute lighting things. Almost all of flash lights, candles, portable cook stove and portable radio have sold out in everywhere within a day.
What the government said was, "don't be in panic."
Ha! Who made us so? They are total aero-heads. I can't believe why they are in top positions of the government and the power plant company.
The workers on the spot at the plants are the most courageous ones in the world though. What a gap between them! Lamentable!!
私達地域住民には準備の時間は全くありませんでした。人々が停電時、明かりの 代用品を懸念するのは当然の成り行きでしょう。周辺全ての店で、懐中電灯、ロウソク、カセットコンロや携帯ラジオなどが、その日の内に売り切れになりました。それでも政府の言い分は「パニックにならないように」とのこと。
一体誰がその原因を引き起こしているんですか! こんな「オツムの中身が??」な人達が政府や東電のトップだなんて信じられないです。

Give battery on those who aero-heads and charge them!!

While I was writing this article, they announced that the cut back may be end soon. I know we still need to save the power as much as possible.

For reference, here is the schedule of cut backs.


PeterD said...

How often have the power outages been at your house? Do you have them every day? For how long?

Nobue said...

We have it everyday. Mostly just once in a day. Sometimes twice. It goes about 2 to 3 hours long each time.
I added a schedule on my article. So you'll know its routine.

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Nobue said...


前述記事、diaperの事でしょうか? 今はすっかり元気です。