Monday, February 28, 2011

February 26 Incident

  February 26 in 1936 was one of Japanese historical turning point. On this day, about 1,5oo troops of the Army led to assassinate several Cabinet politicians. Then the government have had tight security for the Imperial Palace area and shut out all the gateways.
This  is February 26 Incident. After all Japan tended to militarism.

  This day was also unforgettable day for Ji-chan. It was the first day of his job Carrier. Because of the road block he could not reach even the gateway of his office. Since it was his first day so he didn't have the ID or any certification documents. He had no idea what to do. But when he had a security search at the checkpoint, he could fond the solution!
He reached a key in his pocket. It was the key for his locker room and showed the name of the office. Yes, he could get into the gate and got to his office. This experience may be a strong impression for him and never forgettable. He tells this story whenever February comes.

  By the way, one of the Cabinet member as the Finance Minister, Korekiyo Takahashi was assassinated by them. It occurred at his house in Akasaka.
His house is brought over from there to Koganei Park.
It opens to public and we can get into the house. There is a scar of the samurai sword on a pillar that remains those days matter. The volunteer tour guide may explain the details of those matter there.

The photo below: Korekiyo's house in Koganei Park.
写真下: 小金井公園内の是清の家

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