Thursday, February 26, 2009

How did Terry spend last Christmas? テリー君のクリスマスはどんなだった?

It's been such hectic season of Holiday 2008, however, things are getting much better. Terry has to stay home as 'home-alone' lately, we had a party for his last Christmas.
It is such an ancient memories by now. We went to Futako-tamagawa (a nice shopping mall there) and had lunch there. Terry had pumpkin cake but I forgot to take his photo. Too bad. Right after this, Dad had injured in front of the house.

Of course Terry didn't know it. He slept deeply on his way home. When we got to the house, I had to call ambulance for Dad. After all, I have been incredibly busy for more than 2 months.
Even though under such situation, we had a Christmas party.

Mommy, what was the gift from Auntie Nobue?

Oh well, a toy cow that is the oriental zodiac sign of year 2009, toy turkey and a nice new outfit!

You can play with it a lot, don't you think?
Oh, a new outfit of Micky Mouse. It surely fit to you, Terry!

Oh? There are something more.What are they?

Horse Mackerels. That's what Terry loves! And turkey Achilles tendon. It's very new to him. Will he like it? He loves any kinds of food so it should be OK.
It's mine! My new toy! Don't touch it! (Who can take his one away?)

Hey, Mommy and Auntie Nobue had some cake. Although Grandpa has been in the hospital, they had ordered the cake already. They said they had to eat...

I had cake also. It was for dogs; all natural materials only. It is called "sweet heart". Auntie Nobue forgot to take photos for me. The photo below is the cake for human. They wanted to have such kind and searched through everywhere.

I had both toy turkey and meat one. They were both great.


PeterD said...

Terry seems like a happy dog.

Nobue said...

Thanks. Actually he loves go outside. I should say that he is an "outdoor dog".(笑)
But he had to stay home most of the time since last November. Poor boy seemed unhappy during that. So I tried to do something fun for Terry. He loves to go for a drive. Yes, he likes my Subaru a lot.