Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hitsuji-yama Park

Mt Bukou used to be a beautiful high mountain. It is a limestone rock mountain. So they used to use them and made cement with calcining the rock. But as you see, the mountain was eroded too much. Lately they don't work much as it used to be any more.

There is Hitsuji-yama park at the bottom of Mt Bukou. I went there to see Mountain Phlox. It hasn't been full bloom yet. So I couldn't see the prefect pattern of flower pictures . But the views made me feel happy.

They use various color of Mountain Phlox to show the pattern. People can enjoy the views from different angles.

There are Double-layer cherry blossoms also. You can see the mountain phlox behind the cherry.

There are another kind of Double-layer cherry blossom. I don't know its name though.

This one is also Double-layer cherry blossom tree. It has darker pink petals.

I saw such cute flowers along the path way. I like spring scenery like this.

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