Saturday, March 29, 2014

Canal Cafe

Now is the time for cherry blossom season!
So I went to Canal Cafe. It is known as one of the great view spot for cherry blossoms.

It supposed to be like this in the area though. It was a bit too early to enjoy the flowers. Only this tree at the train station has bloomed.

If it would be bloomed, you can see the flowers over there by the train. Too bad, it was a bit earlier.

Anyway, I enjoyed my lunch there. They have two choice of pasta with free refill salad, soup and beverages (soft drink only.)
I also had specialty of this cafe, cherry blossom tea in both hot and cold.

I picked Red seabream and Sergia lucens (one of shrimp kind) pasta. Since they are best time of year for.

I made an additional order of sweets. They showed me the real ones instead of showing the menu list. They would explain the details if you ask questions.

The cherry blossoms were not ready yet though. I had fun and delicious time there.

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