Thursday, November 28, 2013

Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

There is a place that remains old buildings in Koganei. It's called "Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum". They brought those old houses from many place and reassembled here.

Official English site:


I've written the article about one of their building, Korekiyo Takahashi. Visit the site below.

This building used to be a public bath named "Kodakara-no-yu" and located in Adachi-ku. It is a traditional style of those days public bath.
This building is the model for the main scene of the movie "Spiritual Away."

This is its inside.

This is the police box that was located in Manseibashi near Akihabara. By the time I didn't have a car navigation system, it was my landmark building whenever I go there.

According to them, this streetcar (tram) used to run around Shibuya area. It was discontinued after the subway had introduced.

There are lots more exhibitions and you can have touring around with volunteer people who would give you detail explanations. In spring, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms also.

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