Monday, June 13, 2011

An Inspiration bursts on Ji-chan?

My friend sent me such nice gift the other day. I would have it with something good so I have saved it for a while.
It is instant Japanese style soup. They are simple and easy but very tasty.
Just pour hot boiling water and it's ready.
熱いお湯を注ぐだけで出来る、 インスタントの和風汁ですが簡単でとても美味しかったです。
I had this soup with Bento. And the story of getting Bento is something amazing.

It was a morning of June 1.
Ji-chan suddenly mentioned about his dream of last night. According to him, he won a lottery with a big amount of cash. The key number is 4 and I suggested him the number. Well, I didn't know it at all though. Since it's his dream.
him that II told  will get the ticket on the way back home in the afternoon. I was off to work at that time.

At the ticket booth, I picked up the forth ticket (scratch one) and took it home.
I showed it to Ji-chan and revealed it. Then I found that we won the forth prize of 5,000 yen!!
Oh well, he said "a big amount". What about this part? I thought... then I realized a fact.
To reach 50,000,000 yen, we need FOUR more zeros!!
Ah, this is the,hoo,hoo....

Anyway, it's better than nothing. He wanted to have something delicious. So I got his favorite Bento for us. I forgot to take the photo so I use the one from its official site.

Now I am expecting Ji-chan to have another inspiration.

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