Sunday, January 17, 2010

Westie shaped cookie

I happened to find such cute Westie shaped cookie about two years ago. It was a free sample from the shop. I wanted to go there but it located far from my house. So I couldn't make it to go.

Then they opened a branch near my area lately. I've already visited there several times. I had some chances to talk with the shop owner and the family.
You may have a chance to see the owner's Westie dog named Kun-Kun. He is very friendly dog. He will give you a warm reception at the entrance!
He wears matching patterned scarf and sweater that were made by his owner. Very fashionable dog!

The shop info is below:


PeterD said...

Are those Westie shaped cookies for people to eat, or for dogs to eat?

Nobue said...

It's for human only. They said that chocolate is not good for dogs.
It's jsut because the shop owner keeps a Westie, the same kind of dog as what my family has. That's why they made such shaped ones.
Anyway it tastes so good!