Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2017

On July 29th Saturday, I went to see firework festival of Sumida River.
It began raining so we were worried if it would be called off. We could see only the bottom part of Skytree.
7月29日 土曜日。隅田川花火大会を見に行きました。

We dined at a classy traditional Japanese restaurant named "Hisagoan" in Asakusa.
It's hard to book the room personally. I joined a group tour so I could make it.

I saw some Koi (carp) at the entrance. Very elegant and attractive.

I was so thrilled even before I got into the room.

They served such beautiful dishes one after another that were delicacy.

While we enjoyed the dinner, the Fireworks Festival has begun. We could see them from our dining room like this.

Things were getting intensely busy for both eating and watching.

Unfortunately, a building in front of the restaurant interrupted the view though.

Now they serve Tempra. It was really good, however, I was engaged in photo sessions...

At first, I was planing to use tripod. But there were not enough room for it so I hold my camera by my hands and took all photo with.
I would say, my digital camera did really good job!

Actually I took plenty of photos though. It's hard to catch the nice ones anyway.

They have various size, colors and shape. Although I couldn't make it, there were some cute pink heart ones also.

So many beautiful ones came at once! Amazingly beautiful!!

It's like mushroom!

Of course, I enjoyed the dish. They served lots more however, I was so busy with fireworks. So I couldn't take the photo of food any more.

Also the fireworks went on.

They served watermelon with sparkling ornament that was like this firework below. We had icecream also. There were no photos of them though.

Generally, they launch 20,000 fireworks. According to them, this year is a special year so they launched 22,000 ones. About half of them performed under rainy weather. So most audience had to stand on the road under the rain.
When I think of it, I could see all of them inside the room with "no wet."
Absolutely wonderful!!

Here is the site that tells about fireworks.

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