Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lunch at Ginza

I went to Ginza for having French cuisine with tea. It is served at "Mariage Freres."
Luckily, I got a free gift from a business cooperated company. I didn't want to waste the ticket.

The first floor is a shop that sells many kinds of tea. The second floor is the restaurant that you see below.

Tea flavored Creamy tomato soup. I don't remember what kind of tea it was though.

Grilled scallops with navy bean /haricot (perhaps) and green tea flavored sauce. It was so good!
ホタテ貝のグリル、白インゲン豆(たぶん)と緑茶風味ソース 。とても美味しかったですわ!

Plum and pistachio pie.

Served with big potful of tea. They have over a hundred kind of tea so it was hard for me to choose. I followed their recommendation. But I don't remember its name. It might be French something or sort of.....

I got some scone as a souvenir for my family.

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