Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Big Shopping

Here is my another big shopping. I purchased a massage chair!
I have been thinking of it for a long while and finally I make it.
I have checked the retail price every once in a while and found a good price on the website.
Then I went to the store to purchase it. But it costed lots more than the website one. I asked them why.
Since it's the same store as I was visiting at. I asked them why they can't make it the same price as the website. It's their online store? They should do so! They said it won't debt their point program (sort of a mileage program). I don't mind!
If I won't say anything, what they would do? Sell them with higher price? Very tricky, ha!
The photo is from official site of Panasonic

It'll be delivered soon. Hopefully I can be much healthier...

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